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I try podcasting

2015-02-21 16:50:14 by dogsinthecathouse

Since apparently podcasts are a thing on Newgrounds now, I decided to give it the old college try and try to make my own podcast! You can listen to it here and decide for yourselves if you think it's any good:

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

2014-08-20 00:19:37 by dogsinthecathouse

A silly little video I made for fans of the TV show Hannibal and/or the movie Ella Enchanted:

Green Ham and Eggs

2014-08-15 14:35:00 by dogsinthecathouse

I just posted a new cartoon on Newgrounds! It's a Green Eggs and Ham parody, and it's still under judgment right now. You check it out here:

I actually forgot it was Clock Day today until I was about to post the cartoon. I'm not really sure how that will affect how the cartoon does.

Freddy Got Fingered Musical

2014-06-02 22:22:11 by dogsinthecathouse

I made a fake pitch for a musical adaptation of Tom Green's classic film "Freddy Got Fingered." Check it out: :D

New Cartoon

2014-05-12 14:15:43 by dogsinthecathouse

Right now I'm working on a cartoon about a character named Dr. Pills who talks to people about safety when it comes to drugs and alcohol. I've already recorded the audio, and now I just have to animate it. Hopefully I'll have it done before the summer is over, so look out for it in the (hopefully near) future!

Dr. Pills!

Emo Kid and Grandpa

2014-01-01 16:14:10 by dogsinthecathouse

Yay! I finally finished a cartoon I've been working on recently called "Emo Kid and Grandpa." It's still under judgment, but you can see it here:

I originally started working on this animation as part of a longer film, but I decided the scene worked well on its own. I still might finish the longer cartoon at some point though. I've been wanting to make a series about this kid who everyone just refers to as "Emo Kid" for awhile because in middle school I remember this kid who always just called me "Emo Kid" instead of my name for some reason (even though I don't think I even dressed very "emo"), and I always was amused by the idea of a character who everyone just called "Emo Kid" instead of their name.

This will probably be part of a series of cartoons about the two characters that I will make at some point in the future, unless I become incredibly discouraged by the feedback for this first short or something.

Be sure to review if you watch it! Any constructive feedback is appreciated! :)

Finally done!

2013-06-30 15:23:21 by dogsinthecathouse

Yay! I'm FINALLY done with that "Chronicles of Narnia" parody I was working on! You can see it here: Right now, it's still under judgment, so feel free to watch it and give it a good rating if you like it, give it a bad rating if you think it sucked, or give it an okay rating if you think it was...meh.
Now that I'm done with that, I'm probably going to take a little break from animation and attempt to reclaim what little social life I had before I began furiously animating this cartoon. But it probably won't be too long before I start working on my next project. I've sort of decided to wait on doing the "Emo Kid and Grandpa" idea since it will be a really long cartoon, and I might want to have an additional animator help me out with it. Probably the next thing I do will be redoing the vocal parts for the "Window Peeper Song" cartoon I did a while ago. (You can still see it here: I feel like it was a pretty funny and decently animated cartoon, but whenever I watch it now, the audio makes me cringe. So at some point I'm planning on pulling a George Lucas and re-recording all the vocal parts for that animation and resubmitting the flash with the new audio. So look out for that at some point in the future! :)

Finally done!

Okay, so I got distracted from my main project "Emo Kid and Grandpa" again. Right now, I'm working on the first episode for an animation series based on a series of comics I created called "Christlan the Jesus-Allegory Lion" satirizing the "Chronicles of Narnia" series. You can see the comics here:

So far I've gotten a bit more than halfway through all the animation, so hopefully I should be able to post the animation soon. So look out for it hopefully some time in the near future!

Christlan: Jesus Allegory Lion

Hello people of Newgrounds who happened to stumble upon this post! Now that school is out for the summer for me I am able to dedicate much more of my time to animating! :D And the main animation I'm working on is called "Emo Kid and Grandpa," based on a comic series I made which you can see here:

The main focus of the cartoon will be how Emo Kid's grandpa responds to discovering his son is queer. So far I've recorded a lot of the audio and have begun animating, but it will probably take a little while since this cartoon is going to be pretty long. I may even have to make it a two-parter.
The problem with the cartoon being pretty long is it's often hard for me to focus all my attention on one thing. I recently got an idea for a shorter cartoon, and I took a break from Emo Kid and Grandpa to make it. You can see it here: It's still under judgment.
So anyways, it may be a while, but look out for "Emo Kid and Grandpa" because it should be pretty funny! :)

New Cartoon: Emo Kid and Grandpa

New Submission

2013-04-07 20:36:43 by dogsinthecathouse

I have recently submitted a flash cartoon to the portal titled "That's So Gay!" It's a cartoon I made based on a comic I wrote a while ago that you can see here: -and-Mike-That-s-So-Gay-278450768
I have to admit I'm getting a bit anxious. I know it takes a while for flash movies to pass judgment, but still. The average rating has been going between 1 and 2 stars, so I'm not sure what's gonna happen. This could easily be my first submission to be blammed! :S
If you want to check out the cartoon in question, you can see it here: Any reviews, positive or negative, are greatly appreciated! ;D

New Submission