New Submission

2013-04-07 20:36:43 by dogsinthecathouse

I have recently submitted a flash cartoon to the portal titled "That's So Gay!" It's a cartoon I made based on a comic I wrote a while ago that you can see here: -and-Mike-That-s-So-Gay-278450768
I have to admit I'm getting a bit anxious. I know it takes a while for flash movies to pass judgment, but still. The average rating has been going between 1 and 2 stars, so I'm not sure what's gonna happen. This could easily be my first submission to be blammed! :S
If you want to check out the cartoon in question, you can see it here: Any reviews, positive or negative, are greatly appreciated! ;D

New Submission


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2013-04-08 07:56:10

Sounds like's balancing on the brink of destruction. O_o Good luck!

dogsinthecathouse responds:

Thanks! It actually passed! Yay! :D