New Cartoon: Emo Kid and Grandpa

2013-06-14 10:45:35 by dogsinthecathouse

Hello people of Newgrounds who happened to stumble upon this post! Now that school is out for the summer for me I am able to dedicate much more of my time to animating! :D And the main animation I'm working on is called "Emo Kid and Grandpa," based on a comic series I made which you can see here:

The main focus of the cartoon will be how Emo Kid's grandpa responds to discovering his son is queer. So far I've recorded a lot of the audio and have begun animating, but it will probably take a little while since this cartoon is going to be pretty long. I may even have to make it a two-parter.
The problem with the cartoon being pretty long is it's often hard for me to focus all my attention on one thing. I recently got an idea for a shorter cartoon, and I took a break from Emo Kid and Grandpa to make it. You can see it here: It's still under judgment.
So anyways, it may be a while, but look out for "Emo Kid and Grandpa" because it should be pretty funny! :)

New Cartoon: Emo Kid and Grandpa


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