Finally done!

2013-06-30 15:23:21 by dogsinthecathouse

Yay! I'm FINALLY done with that "Chronicles of Narnia" parody I was working on! You can see it here: Right now, it's still under judgment, so feel free to watch it and give it a good rating if you like it, give it a bad rating if you think it sucked, or give it an okay rating if you think it was...meh.
Now that I'm done with that, I'm probably going to take a little break from animation and attempt to reclaim what little social life I had before I began furiously animating this cartoon. But it probably won't be too long before I start working on my next project. I've sort of decided to wait on doing the "Emo Kid and Grandpa" idea since it will be a really long cartoon, and I might want to have an additional animator help me out with it. Probably the next thing I do will be redoing the vocal parts for the "Window Peeper Song" cartoon I did a while ago. (You can still see it here: I feel like it was a pretty funny and decently animated cartoon, but whenever I watch it now, the audio makes me cringe. So at some point I'm planning on pulling a George Lucas and re-recording all the vocal parts for that animation and resubmitting the flash with the new audio. So look out for that at some point in the future! :)

Finally done!


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2013-06-30 16:44:39

i didn't read that , but good luck anyway

dogsinthecathouse responds:

Thank you, random Newgrounds user! :D